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Top 10 Reasons to Have a Cocktail Masterclass

Ian Shapiro


Cocktail masterclasses are taking the party and celebration world by storm.


Whether you like the rare glass of wine, or the odd cocktail or two, you’ll love getting involved in a cocktail masterclass. The new found fascination with knowledge and ability to mix drinks brings cocktail masterclasses to the top of what’s fun to do with friends. So here are 10 good reasons to have a cocktail Masterclass.

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  1. 10 reasons to make cocktailsCocktail masterclasses are fun.  Why do anything that’s not fun? You’ll definitely get some laughs and great photo’s of you and your friends (especially if this will be your first time shaking a cocktail)
  2. You’ll be taught by an expert bartender.  This can be for the total beginner or experienced bartender.  Everyone can take something away from it, and be able to get involved. The best masterclasses let everyone get their hands on the shaker.  Let’s face it, who wants to go to a cocktail masterclass and not make a cocktail?
  3. Trying something new. Maybe you’ve been a French martini kind of person, or love your Cuba Libre’s. A cocktail clinic will open your mind and let you try new things
  4. You will learn what goes with what and why when it comes to drinks.  Everyone knows what food they like, and what goes with what, it only stands to reason, that you should know and enjoy the cocktails that you like.  With that little bit of knowledge to back you up when you’re making drinks at home
  5. Perfect for Hen Parties.  Especially for people who may not all know each other (but know the bride) this is a great way to start your night off right, and get everyone talking.
  6. It’s indoors.  When it comes to groups getting together, (such as a hen party, bachelorette party or birthday party) finding the right activity can involve some weather dependency.  Not with a masterclass. Unless you’ve got yourself a rooftop bar somewhere (which will most likely be somewhere with good weather anyway) you’ll be indoors, and it could be snowing for all you care... you’ll be warm on the inside.  (especially after a cocktail)
  7. Cocktail making is a great teambuilding day.  Not just for the girls on a celebration.  Getting to know each other and making a team stronger is fundamental to a great company.  Many teambuilding days incorporate cocktail masterclasses, as team leaders know that this activity is a fantastic way to unwind and have a great time with work mates
  8. There are many levels to mixology. You choose the level you want to learn and get involved in, from light and fun masterclasses, to Heston-style molecular mixology.  It’s amazing what can be done
  9. Varied places you can go.  Cocktail Masterclasses are happening all over the world, and there are different stories to every cocktail.  You’ll learn some interesting stuff on your travels.
  10. Cocktail classes don't have to be expensive.  There are some out there that will actually save you money if you were to buy the drinks at the bar normally. So, now that you’re convinced it’s the right choice, you’re ready to book your masterclass.  All you need to do now is to find one... and you’ve come to the right place.  All the good one’s are on

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