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cocktail making classes

Cocktail Making

Learn How To Make Cocktails in Cocktail Making Classes

cocktail making classes

Learn How to Make Cocktails


cocktail making cocktail masterclass cocktail making classesHave a fun time at your hen Party, Birthday, Girls Night Out or Work Night Out. Here at MyCocktailMasterclass we pride ourselves in finding you the best value cocktail making classes around the country.


cocktail making classesThe cocktail masterclass venues have bartenders and mixologist trained in the art of cocktail making and are able to impart their knowledge about how to make cocktails to your group. Passing on the tricks of the trade isn't just about sitting listening; it is about interacting. You will get the opportunity to get hands on making cocktails as well as drinking your creations and sampling cocktails the bartender has made.


The Cocktails

With a wide variety of cocktails these days your bartender will choose some of your favourite classic cocktails and demonstrate how the professionals make them. It may look like your cocktail bartender simply throws ingredients into a cocktail shaker and a cocktail is born but it is not as simple as that. They need to be the correct ingredients at the right quantity. Learning how to make cocktails properly will transform your next cocktail party at home.


The Cocktail Bartender

You may have noticed that a cocktail bartender, known as a mixologist, is a little different from your normal bartender. Go into a bar that doesn't serve cocktails and you will find bartenders with different skills than a mixologist. During your cocktail making class you will see how your bartender's knowledge of the cocktails made is important so that you are served only the best cocktails in the correct glass at the correct temperature. The visual appearance of a cocktail is almost as important as the taste and so presentation of your cocktail is paramount as you relax and sip your favourite tipple


The Cocktail Making Class

Your cocktail making class is fun and interactive and is a perfect night out to celebrate just about any event or occasion. Gather a group of your friends who love cocktails and learn how to make cocktails in a relaxed and fun environment.


During the cocktail class there will be plenty of fun and games and of course you don't only learn how to make cocktails you obviously drink the cocktail creations you have made.