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dark n stormy cocktail

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In the spirit of all things spirity, we wanted to share with you a great little tipple that will make you long for the storms (in your glass)  


The dark n stormy cocktail is a very simple one, with not much to prepare.  


Get a tall glass

Fill with ice

Add the juice of a full lime (25ml)

Add a half shot (around 12ml) of sugar syrup

3/4 fill to the top with chilled ginger beer

Give that a stir


Then there should be room enough for 2 shots of great quality dark rum (traditionally Goslings black seal)  


As there is no shaking to chill this drink, it is best served, when the ingredients are all pre chilled in the fridge.  (It'll stop the ice from melting and diluting your drink)


The rum will trickle down the ice in stormy clouds and waves, and thus the name is born.  The Dark n Stormy for your pleasure


Now lets enjoy this fantastic drink together while waiting on the sun to return.


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