Mint Julep

cocktail flavoured lip balmMint Julep


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12 fresh Mint leaves
50ml Bourbon whiskey
25ml Sugar syrup
3 dashes Angostura aromatic bitters






Mint sprig and slice of lemon



Lightly MUDDLE (only bruise) mint in base of shaker.

Add other ingredients

SHAKE with ice and strain into Collins glass half filled with crushed ice

CHURN (stir) the drink with the crushed ice using a bar spoon

Top up the glass with more crushed ice and CHURN again.

Repeat this process until the drink fills the glass and serve.

For an arguably authentic process, pour into a silver or pewter cup and let infuse for an hour in the freezer.  (Don't forget to put your straws in before placing in the freezer)


Learn your cocktail terms

Build   Blend   Chill   Layer   Muddle   Shake   Stir   Strain   Double Strain