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cocktail making masterclass Northampton class

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Cocktail making isn't just about throwing a few ingredients in a glass and mixing them. It is an art form and the cocktail bars in Northampton that we guide you towards have some of the finest mixologists in town.


We will locate the type of bars that are suitable for your event, whether it is a hen party, a birthday celebration or a work night out. You can be sure we will check out all the bars that hold cocktail  masterclasses in Northampton for you. Once we give you a selection of bars for your group to hold the event in, it is up to you to have as much fun as possible.


Learn how to make cocktails just like a professional bartender and have a lot of fun making them for yourself. Most of the classes are about one and a half hours long and most also have food included in the women shaking cocktailsprice. The actual cocktail making part of your time with us will be spent learning a bit abut the history of the cocktails you are about to make as well as getting behind the bar and making the drinks for yourself. Of course you then get to drink your creations.


The mixologist bartenders are trained not only in making the finest cocktails in town but also in making sure you have a fantastic time. You will be talking about your night out in Northampton town centre for a long time to come and we are sure you will have such a great time that you will want to come back again to celebrate another occasion. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch either by phone 0330 660 0521 or by filling in our online enquiry form and we will get back to you with a selection of bars to hold your cocktail masterclass event.


We book all sorts of types of bars to suit your groups age range and for the occasion that you are celebrating. We will find you the trendy town centre bars in Northampton as well as the party destinations if you are looking for something a bit more exciting. We are just at the other end of the phone and waiting to help you find the best cocktail bar in town


The bars and venues we direct you to all use top of the range bartenders and Mixologists.


All bars work differently but in most cases you and your guests experience drinks on both sides of the bar with this informative and fun cocktail masterclass.

cocktail making masterclass Northampton class

Or Call Our Enquiry Party Team on 0330 660 0521